Our decision to move to Idaho began in early August. It started with prayer of hope, continued with prayer for open doors and clarity, and ended on Monday, December 4, with a prayer of Thanksgiving.

On Saturday, December 3, 2017, the boys finished the  Soccer season, and we went home to pack our entire house into a 16 foot rental truck. With the help of family, we did it in a few hours. After that spent the night at my mom and dad’s, and left the following day.

My sister Amy gave us each a Christmas tin filled with peanut butter no bake cookies. I have to admit, I had more than my share during our trip to Idaho. My dad also baked us some cookies that helped us make the trek. We also made our final stop at and In ‘n Out before we left California

We swung by Walmart before we left town and picked up a set of walkie-talkies. The walkie-talkies proved to be absolutely necessary in a two car caravan where there were some times hours of no cell phone service. We were able to communicate whenever we needed to.

The original plan was to take the five freeway north to Grass Valley, and stay with Kate‘s family on Sunday night. After looking at the weather, praying about it and taking some advice about northern Nevada in late November, we made the decision to take a different route and had across Las Vegas and north to a small city called Ely (pronounced Ellie).

When we were about 8 miles from Ely, it started snowing. There was snow on the road, but it wasn’t very thick. We had just put winter tires on our truck, and the moving truck weighed enough to hold us down.

When we finally got to Ely, it was 23°, 7 o’clock, and dark. We stayed the night and woke up and enjoy breakfast before we left for Boise, Idaho.

We headed north, after confirming that the roads were clear from people like my dad, my uncles Craig and Dennis, Officer Craig Thompson, Lance Nielsen,  and Ron Hayes who had helpful input. About halfway through, it started to snow.

But the skies were clear, and there was no snow on the road. It was beautiful! To see the snow in the sunlight and be surrounded by land covered in snow, was awesome!

We drove for about two more hours before we made it to Idaho! It was beautiful. Greenery everywhere, rivers and lakes and farmlands. The skies were completely clear.  When we got to the Idaho sign, we got out to take a picture. It was freezing! Definitely colder than I was expecting. I threw on a scarf and everyone else put on a few extra layers of any material they could find near them. We took the pictures and quickly jumped back in the trucks.

We drove for a few more hours before we hit Boise.  We had some friends who offered to help us unload the trucks, and we’re going to meet us at 4 o’clock.  I knew we were going to be about an hour late, so I messaged them and asked if they could make it 5:15 instead. That’s when we got to the house.  There were about 20 people there who helped us unload the trucks in a matter of 90 minutes! Kate was able to stand at the door and direct people which rooms she wanted specific boxes to be placed.

It was exciting just walking through the house, knowing that this will be our home for the next year or two. It’s plenty big, with a very unique architecture, and huge backyard.  It’s kind of on the outskirts of Boise, about 20 minutes from my office, and 15 minutes from our church.

So Tuesday and Wednesday we drove around and bought some things for the house, and got to know the city a little.  On Tuesday we had our first visitors from Simi Valley. Ashlyn, Hailey and Hunter Steffensen were visiting their grandparents, and came over to our place on Tuesday to hang out for a bit. On Wednesday night the youth group of our church had a Christmas party,  and Kate and I ran some errands.

Yesterday, Thursday, was my first day at my new job. I had a great time meeting some new people, and setting up my work station.

The drive to work was one that I’ve never made before. It was cold but the Idaho mountains were amazing to see. Seth made me a Lego car worth a supercharger for my desk! I will be heading up marketing and promotions for one of the top manufactures of superchargers, The Blower Shop.

I had sushi for lunch, and came home to Kate and the boys.

Levi stepping in the water of a frozen pond. One of our first new experiences.

We had some chili and cornbread that Sharon Hatfield made for us, while we watched Boss Baby.  Just before dinner I walked with the boys down the street to a small pond that was frozen over. We all had fun throwing rocks into the pond trying to break the ice. Something new! And we are just scratching the surface!

I start work at The Blower Shop on Monday!

Thanks for your prayers! We continue to pray for Simi Valley and the surrounding area as the fires lurk. We miss our home town, but are excited to see what Idaho holds for us, and how God will use us here!

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