Taylor 224ce-K DLX

Hawaiian Koa.
Tropical Mahogany Neck.
West African Crelicam Ebony Fretboard.

I don’t even know what Crelicam is!!! What I do know is that this guitar is a dream to play! I’ve never had a grand auditorium shape before, and it fits well! I’ve never been to Hawaii before and my guitar has!!! Should I be envious? Should I just play a Hawaiian song? I’ve just decided to be thankful to the Lord for providing such great guitars for me to play for so many years! And even if I never had a Taylor guitar, then I had my dad’s 1970s Yamaha sunburst which plays just fine. 

After being blessed (fully satisfied) with my Taylor 410 for eighteen years, I finally bit the bullet and sold it. But not before I could find a legitimate replacement. I lead worship a few times a month at Compass Bible, and I have 32 individual guitar students and a class of 15 on top of that. So this is kind of a big deal. So thankful to be able to do what I do, and God continues to provide and pave the way for me to worship Him through song!

truss rod cover

I came across ThaliaCapos.com and they offer some quality upgrades for most guitars. One of them is to the left. They offer custom truss rod covers. I got mine in a few weeks and had it installed in minutes. It looks great and adds so much personality to the guitar! This is what the stock truss rod cover from Taylor looks like.

Taylor es RINGS

Another custom upgrade that ThaliaCapos.com offers is Taylor Expression System knob rings. These small Rosewood Rings are carefully inlaid with mother of pearl and really stand out on any Taylor guitar! 

Right now they’re sold out of the capo that I would like, but I can’t wait until these are back in stock. 

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