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1924 – 2021

Iva Jean Plaster

nine from the top pdf download

In 2010 Jean wrote her own book and had it published and sold copies on Amazon and Lulu Books online. Hundreds of copies sold and her book has been a great resource to the history of the Plaster family. Here is a summary of the book from Jean:

This is my story as told by the girl who was nine from the top. I am sure if my older siblings were here to read it they would question if I was raised in the same home with the same parents. Characterizing each of my siblings as I remember them, I realize how different we all were. These are my cherished memories of life on the Lineback Ranch in Western Nebraska from 1924 to 1942.

Here are links to purchase a hard copy of the book, or you may download it for free.

jean’s testimony

For her 95th birthday, Jean asked that her testimony be typed out, and for copies to be made for everyone who attended her birthday party. Her testimony was distributed to everyone who made it to her party that year. You can download it here to read and share with family and friends. It’s what she wanted. And it’s extremely important that we keep her testimony alive and active, for the Lord to use with others as much as He affected her.

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Jean's Memorial Slideshow

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2002 Grandma’s Slideshow

2002 Eldon’s 50th Birthday Party

Jean’s Birthday Party

2021 Jean’s Memorial Slideshow

music that she played

jean on the piano

She pronounced it, “Pī-ānō, and no one I ever knew dared questioned her pronunciation of the word, “piano”. There were even times that I pronounced it that way in front of her… just because. 🤷‍♂️ My cousin Justin and I setup a time for her to come to his studio and record her playing eight hymns. He mixed them and they were released on April 8 of 2009 and made it to the top of my charts immediately upon debut. These sacred recordings are below for your listening pleasure. You can send me an email if you want me to send you the MP3 files. 


May 1, 1924

It’s important that we remember Jean, and one way we can remember her is every May 1. This was her birthday.

some of my favorite pictures of

iva jean plaster