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Author: Tim

Idaho Bound!

Our decision to move to Idaho began in early August. It started with prayer of hope, continued with prayer for open doors and clarity, and ended on Monday, December 4, with a prayer of Thanksgiving. On Saturday, December 3, 2017, the boys finished the  Soccer season, and we went home to pack our entire house into a 16 foot rental truck. With the help of family, we did it in a few hours. After that spent the night at my mom and dad’s, and left the following day. My sister Amy gave us each a Christmas tin filled with...

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Our Decision to Move to Idaho

I have lived in Simi Valley for 41 years. Kate has been here for most of her life. We LOVE Simi Valley, the people who live there, and the area and surroundings. So making the choice to leave such a great place was not an easy one. Our comfort is here. Our friends and family are here. Our church is here. Simi Valley is a comfortable place for us to be. In July of 2017, Kate mentioned to me some pretty crazy stuff that the state of California may be going through in the near future. From different laws,...

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8 Small Resolutions That Can Change Your Family

A wise parent once wrote: “No mom is full of more false hope than when she puts up a new chore chart.” Parents love new beginnings, those hopeful moments when we vow to be better. Our children are going to start being more responsible and respectful, and as parents, we will be more present and patient. This year’s going to be different! But change is difficult, particularly lasting change. Without steady, uphill determination, our resolutions are often neglected after a short time. Yet sometimes we strike gold. We make a small change — an adjustment in communication or a...

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Why we chose homeschool after eight years of public school

After eight years in the public school system, we have decided to go the homeschool route. There are a few different reasons for our decision, which I will share. But first, I would like to say that we had an outstanding experience at our local school. From the administration, to each individual teacher, we had a great experience. We have been entertaining the idea of homeschooling for a few years now and chose to look into it more closely last year. Thankfully, we were able talk to several families that homeschool. We so appreciate  and respect their input and...

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